As respects MEC is a family company , after a long period of research, we established an additional production company under the MEC as parent co . Azarbaijan Espoota Tak Dried Fruit Co. , does the processing and packaging affairs in its own unit . 
MEC products are processed in the heart of Iran’s agricultural regions . Both the production facilities and the export company are owned and operated by MEC & ESTEC , allowing them to maintain strict control over both quality and pricing . 
All production , export and sales are under the direct supervision and management of the partners , who now include two generations of the family members . This excellent business team combines the experience of the elders with the modern skills of the younger generation . 
Products Packaging :
We have all of standard packaging such as 12.5 , 10 and 5 Kg strong cartons also beautiful and sanitary , including food grade migration tested blue liner. 
At the customers’ request , we use labels on the cartons according to the details required by them .